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Our Promise to You

We want to make sure that ten and twenty years from now, this home is still your dream home.

So we work with you to design and build it to be flexible enough to grow with you.


Based on that initial meeting, we work directly with you to select a lot based on the demands

of you and your family. We understand that location will play an important role in your long term satisfaction with the home. So we consider lot selection to be one of the most important elements of the entire building process.

Quality and Honesty

We are in the business of quality. Once the selections are made and the design is approved,

we put together the numbers. Aiello Homes has a "no hidden charges" policy. The numbers you're quoted up front will be the numbers you see at closing.


If you change your mind about something along the way, the numbers are adjusted and approved by you before we proceed with the changes. We're in business to provide honest quality craftsmanship and build a relationship with you that we both can be proud of.

This is Your House

We walk you through every step of the way. Once we've agreed on the details of the design,

you remain active in the project as we proceed with the building process. The entire process

will be explained to you as it unfolds. We realize that this is a lifetime investment, and it is

our responsibility to you and to our company that we make sure you're 100% happy with

your new home.

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