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When we would ever talk about building a new home, my husband always said he would feel sorry for the contractor because I am so particular.  But then we met Tony Aiello — and he is even more particular!  After we looked at some Aiello Homes, no others seemed to measure up to the quality that we saw in his homes.

This is our first new home.  Tony involved us in the decision-making at every level.  We could write a book about all the things we have appreciated.  We also can’t say enough good about his hard-working, knowledgeable, and skilled employees.

 We love our Aiello Home and would highly recommend Tony and his crew.  What I love the most is that my husband has repeatedly said “I love our home!”  I knew I would.  I’m so glad he does too!  Our next project is for Tony to finish our basement!


Paul and Maureen Drake | Silver Pine Ridge

Hi Tony, Thanks for doing a "Great Job!" It was a pleasure to have Aiello Homes as our contractor! So you can expect to hear from us in the near future! Again, Thanks!

Michael Nearing

I first met Tony Aiello while I was in the process of building a new home with a different builder. The home we were living in had already been sold and our next home wasn’t completed yet. As a result, we were in need of a place to live until the builders finished on our new home. For the interim, we purchased a display home in Aiello Homes’ Creekside Place community with the intention of just flipping it when our new home was ready.


It didn’t take us long to realize this wasn’t your ordinary display home. It had the custom features and attention to detail that you’d expect from a highly custom-built home. The longer we lived there, the more we fell in love with it and all of the other homes in the neighborhood. We actually began regretting having not met Tony earlier, so he could have built our new house!


I had a 25 acre tract of land in Foristell, MO that I was planning to develop into a luxury residential community called Kendall Pointe. The land borders a 600 acre equestrian park in Western St. Charles County, and would provide a spectacular backyard view for the future homeowners. I planned to build 6 homes on large 3+ acre sites and I had been looking for the right builder to make it happen. We had another builder lined up, but I wasn’t 100% sold on them. After experiencing Aiello Homes’ quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, I made the decision to bring Tony and his company in as the exclusive builder. Tony’s building style was exactly the theme we were trying to capture at Kendall Pointe.


With the first spec home completed, I couldn’t be happier with my decision or more impressed with Aiello Homes. More than any other builder I have worked with, Tony gets involved in every possible element of the construction process that he can, from sales to the designing and building of each home. And he gets the homeowner involved too. He’s honest, and willing to communicate everything with the buyer and let them take ownership of the project. He takes the entire project personally. It’s not just another house to him. It’s a place he wants to be proud of years from now. So he is fully committed to your satisfaction from day 1.


9 times out of 10, the relationship between builders and buyers sours after the house is completed. That’s why it is so amazing that many of the homes Tony builds are for repeat customers. But his craftsmanship speaks for itself. I’ve saved 25 acres adjacent to Kendall Park for myself. And I’ve already decided that’s where Tony will build my next home.

Victor Blair | Residential Land Developer

Six years ago, my wife and I were making plans for my retirement. We decided we’d like to build a new villa on a golf course somewhere. Being from Illinois, we weren’t particularly set on moving to Wentzville- in fact, we didn’t even know where Wentzville was. But some of our friends lived in the area, so we decided to check it out. Initially, we began looking at a different builder’s villas at Bear Creek. My wife liked a few of the homes we had seen, but I wasn’t completely sold. I just didn’t see the level of quality that I was hoping for. I told my wife, “When we see the villa we want, we’ll know it.”


A friend of ours asked us if we had seen any of the villas that Aiello Homes was building in the community. We hadn’t, so we got together with them to take a look at the Aiello display home at Bear Creek. Within minutes of walking into the Aiello display home, we were convinced that we had found our builder. As I walked through the house, I started noticing the intricate attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. We called Tony Aiello and set up a meeting to begin planning our new home.


We spent about a month and a half working back and forth with Tony to design our villa. Looking back, it seems like every time we met with Tony, we changed the plan. But Tony was patient through the entire process. He patiently helped us through each decision and each change. Once the building process began, he held an open door policy at all times. We were free to come and go on the jobsite and make changes to the design as the house was being built. Unless the change was a materials upgrade, we were never charged. Other builders I have worked with typically charge $50 each time you make a change to the home, to discourage the buyer from complicating things for the builder. But Tony was so dedicated to giving us exactly what we wanted that he encouraged us to do what we thought was necessary to make the home a perfect fit, even if it meant more work for him.


Quality is what sets Tony apart in the homebuilding industry. He’s not interested in building the most houses. He’s interested in building the best houses. Our Aiello villa is the third custom house my wife and I have owned. And the craftsmanship in this home is far superior to anything we’ve ever seen. Tony only hires the best people available, and his workers share his passion for custom home building. Throughout the entire construction process, Tony remained on site making sure the job got done right.


We’ve gotten to know Tony and Rhonda very well since our home was completed. Aiello Homes is still building in our neighborhood, so we see Tony quite often. To this day if there’s anything I need done in my home, I can count on him to take care of it for me. In the years I have been associated with Aiello Homes I have learned this much: they’re fair and honest people and their workmanship is far superior to the industry standard.

Bill Wadlow | The Villas of Indigo Run at Bear Creek

Unlike most Aiello homeowners, we hadn’t yet met Tony Aiello when we bought our home in Creekside Place. The home was Tony’s display home for the community, and the original owners had decided to sell it. We were looking for a home in the Wentzville area and this one fit the bill. It was a beautiful home in an equally charming community and we fell in love with it from the start.


I do some woodworking as a hobby, and had several large power tools that I would be bringing with when I moved into the house. But there wasn’t anywhere to put them. We didn’t have room in the garage, and the home has a beautiful finished basement. There was no way that it was going to become my workshop.


Even though we were neighbors, I still hadn’t met Tony yet. So I contracted a remodeler to build a room onto the house that would serve as my workshop. It would be a 17’ x 17’ addition that would give me the space I needed to work. But there were a lot of problems. I went back and forth with the builder, and he just wasn’t getting the job done. One day while I was out in the front yard, Tony came over and introduced himself. He said he knew we were having problems with the remodeler and said that if there was anything Aiello Homes could do to help, to let him know. I asked him to take a look at it, and give me an estimate. Within a week, Tony’s team had completed the addition at the quoted price- something the other builder hadn’t been able to do in the five months I had been working with him. That was the beginning of a lasting friendship.


There’s a lot of good that can be said about Tony and Aiello Homes. First of all, Tony is a man of his word. Anyone he has worked with will tell you that he is plain spoken and does exactly what he says he is going to do. That quality is surprisingly rare in his industry. Equally rare is the hands-on approach Tony takes to his work. The standards of craftsmanship at Aiello Homes are remarkably high. The attention to detail is evident in the finished product. And Tony is easy to talk to. Some builders might be tempted to distance themselves from the communities they build, in an effort to avoid complaints in the years to come. Tony is so confident in his work, that he lives here, among his customers at Creekside Place. Just last week, Tony and I were talking with another neighbor who was getting ready to seal his driveway. Tony recommended a product and a place to buy it, and actually helped the guy get a break in the cost of materials as well.


I spent 30+ years as an insurance claims adjuster in Nebraska. In that time I became familiar with tornado claims and home construction, and I can say with confidence that Aiello Homes does amazing work. If I was still in the business, I can’t tell you how happy I would be to work with an honest, straightforward contractor like Tony. We’ve even discussed going into a partnership together to develop and sell some property I own at the Lake of the Ozarks. I wouldn’t enter into this kind of agreement with most of the contractors I’ve met over the years. But I would feel 100% comfortable working with Tony if we get to that point in the future. I think that fact alone says a lot about the type of builder and the type of man he is.


Tony, Kathy and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the work you and your crews have done at our home. The quality of workmanship was superior. The respect and consideration that you and the people on your work crews showed toward us, the dogs and our property was very comforting. It was very easy to write a check to so when so many of the workers had personally thanked us for the opportunity to work on our projects. We especially like the way that you and the workers kept us informed on what was going on and what was going to happen next. The re-work of the earth around the house and the installation of the underground pipes on the downspouts has really moved the water away from the house. Something should have been done 20 years ago. The idea you had of putting in the large window well on the south side of the house has worked out very well. The sump pump has only kicked on twice in the past month, where is used to run a good portion of the time. The neighbors have all made their way over and love the brick walk for the English Garden and the flagstone patio. I'm very glad we took your advice to use the concrete as a base for both of these projects. The fire pit has made a great addition to the flagstone patio. Please share with Jerry and the crew, how great we think this turned out. The real surprise was the driveway replacement. That is what everyone who drives by the house sees and comments on. After all these years on black-top or gravel, the concrete driveway is a luxury and looks great leading up to the house. Aaron and the crew were a hoot to have around the house.

​ Garry Bartles | Creekside Place

Tony, Thanks for another job well done. Eight years ago I purchased an Aiello built home; this was the ninth newly built home that I had purchased. The sales person stressed Tony's attention to detail, his use of quality materials, his presence on the job, his integrity, his availability, quality of workmanship, etc. What I have found is that the sales person was correct, and did not over sell Tony. Tony is an outstanding builder who builds an outstanding product and stands behind that product. Tony is a master builder who takes pride in his creations. Tony's pride, integrity, concern, and sense of fairness extend well beyond what is typical in the residential building industry. It is not out of the ordinary for Tony to stop and say hello and ask how the home is even after eight years. We have had no problems with our home. We have been well pleased with our home. When we had a grading issue (after three years), Tony returned to correct it, and when we had a cracked window (after eight years), Tony returned to fix it. If I ever build another home in this area, Tony will be my builder. If I ever want to remodel my home, Tony will be my contractor. If either family or friends are in need of builder, Tony Aiello will be my recommendation.

​ Ray Bello

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